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Curacao’s 12 Safety Tips for the Christmas Season.

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Curacao is sharing with customers and neighbors the 12 safety tips that will help them this season to be more pleasant and safe to all, including how to avoid fires and CO2, kids using batteries carefully, credit card fraud, and many other suggestions. 
Los Angeles, December 22, 2015 – Curacao believes that if customers read the safety tips for the holiday season it will help them provide to their families a much safer time.

Curacao‘s 12 Safety tips for the Holidays

1- Christmas Trees – Safety first.  Check if your lights have no open wires. Fires are a main concern in this season, play it safe!

2- You will probably be using credit to purchase some of your gifts this holiday season.  Take caution with who you provide your credit information to and try to stay with companies you are familiar with and know are reputable.

3- A list is a good way to ensure you don’t forget anyone, and after purchasing gifts, leave your bags in the trunk of your car for safety.

4- Heaters and fire places are essential at this time to keep us warm, make sure there is no CO2 (smoke) coming inside your home and also check your electrical heaters are certified for use in USA.

5- Many toys need batteries, make sure kids won’t try to open them or put them on the fire place or in water.  These precautions will keep your kids safe and give a longer life to batteries.

6- Outdoor lighting is a great way to celebrate the holiday season.  To avoid fires and electrical uses, turn them off before leaving your home and at night.

7- When buying toys for your kids, especially electronic games make sure to check on the suggested ages.

8- Gaining 10 extra pounds with so many delicious recipes this time of the year is so easy, join a gym or get an exercise machine and use it 20 minutes a day for calorie burning.

9- If you are planning to buy a laptop or computer, be sure to add antivirus protection service to keep it safe.

10- If you are planning to have a new TV installed on your wall, safety is a priority.  Make sure the size and weight of the TV goes accordingly with the wall mount purchased.

11- Make sure you check the store hours. You might want to shop in the morning when things are not as stressful.

12- If you are buying a mobile phone for a love one, give them a safe tip don’t text and drive.

 Media Contact: Ruth Garcia-Corrales, ruthg@icuracao.com

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